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In the enchanting tapestry of our fur family, Bella stands as a golden-hearted Yorkshire Terrier, weighing in at a delightful 7.5 pounds. Beyond her physical elegance, Bella's true beauty lies in the heart of gold that beats within her, marking her as a nurturing spirit with motherly instincts that shine through.


Bella's personality is a gentle symphony of kindness and compassion. Devoid of any aggressive tendencies, she exudes a warmth that extends to her desire to care for newborn puppies, even if they aren't her own. Born with an innate maternal touch, Bella's heart swells with the anticipation of having her own fur babies soon, a testament to her nurturing spirit.


Like a living teddy bear, Bella enchants with bold round eyes that mirror the depth of her loving soul. Her presence is a comforting embrace, and the love she exudes is a balm for those lucky enough to share in her company. Bella's gentle demeanor and nurturing instincts make her a cherished member of our fur family.


Celebrate the golden-hearted charm of Bella, the Yorkshire Terrier with a heart of gold, and welcome into your life a furry friend whose maternal spirit adds a touch of warmth and tenderness to the world of canine companionship.


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