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In the heart of our home reigns Cocoa, the magnificent Biewer Yorkshire Terrier who confidently wears the crown as the lady and madame of the house. With an unwavering confidence that sets her apart, Cocoa has been an indispensable and irreplaceable part of our lives for almost four years, demanding the respect and admiration befitting her regal stature.


Cocoa's temperament is nothing short of exceptional. Her personality, a symphony of grace, playfulness, and confidence, paints the canvas of our household with joy. She holds herself to a higher standard, and her regal carriage is a testament to the queenly role she has effortlessly embraced.


This extraordinary girl has graced us not only with her captivating presence but also with her motherly instincts. Cocoa, with grace and care, brought a delightful litter into the world, showcasing not just her elegance but her nurturing spirit. She is, unequivocally, not for sale, as she is a priceless member of our family.


Cocoa's warm-hearted nature extends beyond her immediate family; she cherishes the process of motherhood and regularly takes care of newborns from other pups. Her tenderness and love create a haven for little ones, fostering an environment of comfort and security.


As the confident and irreplaceable madame of the house, Cocoa has a way of leaving an indelible mark on everyone she meets. Her almost four-year journey with us has been a tapestry of love, loyalty, and shared moments that define the true essence of a cherished canine companion.


Celebrate the majesty of Cocoa, the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, as she confidently holds herself to a higher standard, expecting and deserving the royal treatment in the home she graces with her presence.


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