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In the mosaic of our fur family, Gucci emerges as an extraordinary gem—an all-black chocolate female, born from Teddy's remarkable litter. Her existence is nothing short of a miracle, as neither her mother nor father displayed a solid color. Gucci, with her rich, all-black chocolate coat, stands as a testament to the wonders that can unfold in the world of genetics.

Gucci's allure goes beyond her rare color; she is a vision of sophistication and uniqueness. Her coat, an inky masterpiece, sets her apart as a marvel in the realm of canine aesthetics. As a result of this enchanting combination, Gucci is poised to be an exceptionally rare and beautiful adult, expected to reach around 4.5 pounds.


This little miracle pup embodies the spirit of the unexpected, bringing joy and fascination with every step. Gucci's presence is a celebration of the magical possibilities that can unfold within a loving fur family. As she continues to grow, her uniqueness will undoubtedly become a source of admiration and wonder.


Celebrate the enchantment of Gucci, the rare all-black chocolate marvel, and welcome a canine companion into your life who not only defies expectations but also adds a touch of elegance to every moment.


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