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Lizzie, a purebred Yorkshire Terrier with a captivating tri-color coat, is the embodiment of joy and playful exuberance. Born to the graceful Angel and her beloved partner, Lizzie’s spirited nature shines through her every action, from her lively games to her affectionate kisses. As a female pup, she carries a delicate charm, yet her energy and playfulness know no bounds. Expected to mature into a petite frame of 4-5 pounds, Lizzie’s small size belies her enormous heart and boundless zest for life. Her coat, a beautiful blend of colors, mirrors her vibrant personality, making her stand out as one of the most playful and loving puppies you’ll ever meet. Lizzie isn’t just a pet; she’s a bundle of love, ready to bring endless joy and companionship to her forever home.


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