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In the heart of our Yorkie family reigns Gigi, a special and unique bundle of joy that radiates with charm and distinction. This little princess is more than just a pup; she's a testament to the enchanting possibilities that arise from a carefully curated bloodline.


Gigi's perfectly balanced coloring on her face is a work of art, showcasing the exquisite result of her lineage's merle gene. Hailing from a distinguished bloodline, her father, a 4lbs purebred Silky Terrier, and her mother, a 5lbs all-white Yorkshire Terrier, have bestowed upon her the gift of rarity and luxury in her fur.


This extraordinary combination has given birth to fur babies that are not only extremely rare but also luxuriously adorned with unique coats. Gigi, being the smallest in her litter of 2 boys and 2 girls, has already found her forever home and is eagerly anticipated by her new owner, who has a little teacup terrier boy eagerly waiting to keep her company.


The excitement builds as we await the day when Gigi meets her new companion. We can only imagine the joy and warmth that will fill the air as these two precious pups create a bond that will last a lifetime.


Celebrate the unique charm of Gigi, the merle Yorkie princess, and join us in our anticipation of the joy and companionship that awaits her in her forever home.


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