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In the tapestry of our fur family, Luc emerges as a truly exceptional member, born from the union of Mollie and Rocco. Among the precious pups of the litter, Luc stands out as the most special, adorned with the enchanting beauty of the merle gene that has gifted each pup with exquisite white hair. Luc, however, carries an extra touch of magic with one captivating blue eye that mirrors the vastness of the sky.


As the bearer of the merle gene's wonders, Luc is destined to be a visual marvel. His coat, a symphony of hues, is a testament to the unique and breathtaking qualities that set him apart. The presence of one blue eye adds a touch of mystery and allure, making Luc a canine companion with a gaze that captures hearts.


Anticipate the growth of Luc into a fully grown adult, where he is expected to embody a delicate balance between 4-5 pounds. His small stature will only enhance the charm of this merle marvel, making him not just a pup but a living work of art.


Celebrate the exceptional beauty of Luc, the merle wonder with a glimmer of the sky in his eye, and witness the magic he brings to our fur family with every step he takes.


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