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Meet Luna, a truly one-of-a-kind Yorkie who embodies the epitome of rarity and luxury. As the sole all-black chocolate Yorkshire Terrier female in five carefully curated litters, Luna's lineage is as exclusive as her ebony coat.


Her lineage boasts a remarkable heritage—her father, a dainty 3.5lbs all-black chocolate Yorkie, and her mother, a petite 3.8lbs all-brown chocolate Yorkie. Luna's unique genetic makeup results in a mesmerizing coat that exudes opulence and charm.


Beyond her exquisite appearance, Luna stands out for her impeccable health, particularly her ears. Regularly exercising the cartilage, Luna effortlessly moves her ears up and down, showcasing not only their vitality but also her overall well-being.


At a petite 3.5lbs, Luna is fully grown, and every inch of her is a testament to cuteness redefined. Her unique character and overall personality elevate the meaning of adorable, making Luna the perfect companion for those who appreciate the extraordinary.


Indulge in the luxury of Luna's companionship and let her rare charm brighten your days.


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