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In the heart of Teddy and Rocco's enchanting litter of five, Macy emerges as the darling diminutive beauty, stealing hearts with her petite stature and irresistible charm. Despite being the smallest in the litter, Macy's presence is anything but small—it radiates a warmth and sweetness that captivates all who are fortunate enough to encounter her.


Macy, with her endearing nature, is set to be a truly cherished addition to our fur family. As she gracefully grows into adulthood, her expected size between 3-4 pounds adds to the allure of this darling pup—a perfect blend of charm and daintiness.


This diminutive beauty is more than just a petite pup; she is a bundle of joy and sweetness that brings a sense of enchantment to every interaction. Macy's presence is like a breath of fresh air, a reminder that the most precious things often come in the smallest packages.


Celebrate the sweetness of Macy, the darling diminutive beauty from Teddy and Rocco's litter, and welcome into your life a furbaby that embodies the magic of canine companionship in its most charming form.


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