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In the heart of our fur family, Madelaine shines as a petite pup with a personality that knows no bounds. At just one year old and fully grown at a dainty 3.2lbs, she may be small in stature, but her presence is undeniably grand.


Madelaine is a little dynamo of joy, bringing boundless energy and playfulness to every corner of our home. Her love for play extends to frolicking with other pups, where she showcases her gentle and amiable nature. However, it is in the embrace of human companionship that Madelaine truly flourishes.


This delightful fur baby has a heart of gold, and her preference for human companionship is a testament to her affectionate nature. Whether nestled in your arms or exploring the world with a wagging tail, Madelaine is the embodiment of love and warmth.


At 3.2lbs, she may be petite, but her big personality fills our lives with laughter and companionship. Join us in celebrating Madelaine, the petite pup with a heart of gold, and witness the magic of a fur baby who brings joy wherever she goes.


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