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In the tapestry of our canine family, Mollie emerges as an exquisite Yorkshire Terrier, adorned with the rare and captivating beauty of the merle gene that manifested in an enchanting "extreme white" coat. This phenomenon, as some may call it, transforms Mollie into a living marvel—a vision of elegance that defies expectations and stands as a testament to the extraordinary wonders of nature.


Mollie's extreme white coat is not just a color; it's a rare and ethereal grace that sets her apart as an extraordinary gem in the world of Yorkies. Her beauty is more than skin deep; it's a reflection of her gentle and sweet-natured soul, making her an absolute sweetheart in every sense.


The rarity of Mollie's extreme white coat is further highlighted by the fact that even within her own litter, the emergence of an all-white Yorkie is a phenomenon. She stands as a living testament to the uniqueness that can be found in the world of canine genetics.


Mollie's journey into motherhood was as remarkable as her appearance. She proved to be an amazing mother, displaying unmatched attentiveness and protectiveness toward her precious babies. During and after her pregnancy, Mollie enjoyed the nourishment of our holistic food business, a chapter that marked the inception of providing optimal nutrition for our furry companions.


As a result, Mollie's offspring were born into a world of holistic nourishment, and their vibrant health from the start is a testament to the care and dedication embedded in every facet of their upbringing. Now, as they embark on their journeys to forever homes, the legacy of Mollie's gentle spirit and exceptional care continues to shine.


Celebrate the marvel of Mollie, the Yorkshire Terrier with the extreme white elegance, and join us in marveling at the rare beauty that graces our lives with each wag of her tail.


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