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Introducing Pepper, our pure black chocolate Yorkshire Terrier with a touch of uniqueness—a small area of white on her chest that adds to her charm. Fully grown at a delightful 6lbs, Pepper is a vivacious ball of energy that brings joy and playfulness wherever she goes.


Pepper's spirited personality shines through as she engages in lively play sessions with her furry companions. Despite her petite size, she exudes confidence and independence, making her the perfect companion for those who appreciate a dog with character.


Unlike some pups, Pepper doesn't demand constant human companionship; she's content in her independence. This little lady is exceptionally well-behaved, having mastered the art of not barking unnecessarily. Her social skills are equally impressive—Pepper has been diligently trained to be super friendly with both her human and fellow furry friends.


Whether you're looking for a playmate for your pup or a delightful companion who can be independent yet affectionate, Pepper is the epitome of canine charm. With her sleek black coat and endearing white chest patch, she's not just a dog; she's a sophisticated and lovable member of the family.


Invite Pepper into your home, and let her spirited presence and well-mannered demeanor brighten your days.


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