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In the heart of our fur family stands Rocco, the dashing son of Maximus and the rising star destined to be the man of the pack. At just one year old, this gentle giant is already making waves with his playful spirit and affectionate nature.


Rocco embodies the perfect blend of gentleness and playfulness, making him a beloved companion to both his canine pack and human friends alike. His days are filled with joyous moments of play, as he engages in spirited romps with his furry companions, bringing laughter and excitement to every corner of our home.


Despite his lofty ambitions of becoming the man of the pack, Rocco's gentle nature shines through. His interactions with both his furry friends and human companions are marked by warmth and affection, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and love.


Now fully grown at a whopping 4.1lbs, Rocco is not just a pup; he's a gentle giant who carries the legacy of Maximus forward. Join us in celebrating Rocco, the charismatic one-year-old with a heart as vast as his playful spirit, and witness the making of a future leader in our canine family.


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