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Allow us to introduce Shadow, a distinguished member of our canine family and the brother of our beloved Pepper. Shadow, a petite 3.5lbs pure black chocolate terrier, is the epitome of tranquility and gentleness.


At one year of age, Shadow has fully matured, and his stature will remain a delightful 5lbs—perfectly compact for those seeking a small and easy-to-manage companion. His jet-black coat exudes sophistication, and his serene demeanor makes him an ideal addition to any household.


Shadow is an incredibly calm and gentle soul, demonstrating a remarkable temperament that sets him apart. His love for play is evident, especially when engaging with other pups. Despite his playful nature, Shadow maintains a level of quiet grace that makes him a joy to be around.


What truly distinguishes Shadow is his exceptional quietness and overall temperament. At 1 year old, he has developed into a well-mannered and composed companion, perfect for those seeking a furry friend with a calm presence.


Embrace the tranquility and affection that Shadow brings, and welcome him into your home as a cherished member of the family.


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