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In the realm of teacup perfection, Sophia reigns supreme as an exquisite teacup Yorkie, boasting a petite frame that carries a mighty presence. Fully grown at a mere 3.8lbs, Sophia may be small in stature, but her spirited soul and indomitable spirit make her a true alpha in our canine pack.


This spunky teacup beauty inherits her vivacious nature from her remarkable mother Coco, and she does not shy away from letting the world know. Sophia is a force to be reckoned with, demonstrating an unwavering determination that doesn't tolerate any attempts at bullying. Her size may be petite, but her attitude is colossal, making her the alpha who keeps the entire pack in line.


Sophia's alpha status is not just a matter of size; it's a testament to her confidence, intelligence, and the regal air that surrounds her. Don't let her dainty appearance fool you; she's a teacup with a heart of gold and a spirit that can't be contained.


Celebrate the enchantment of Sophia, the exquisite teacup alpha with a spirited soul, and witness the magic of a petite powerhouse who commands respect and admiration from every pup fortunate enough to share her realm.


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