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Spot, our purebred Yorkshire Terrier, is a striking male pup with a distinctive white and black spotted coat, a unique trait that sets him apart. Born to Pepper and Rocco, Spot embodies the handsomeness of his lineage, with his vibrant coat pattern and alert, expressive eyes making him one of the most captivating dogs you’ll ever encounter. Projected to reach a weight of 5-6 pounds as he matures, Spot’s compact size is perfect for endless cuddles and fits just right in the lap of his future loving family. Beyond his striking looks, Spot is hypoallergenic, making him the ideal companion for those sensitive to pet dander. This little bundle of joy is not just looking for a house; he’s in search of a home where love, cuddles, and a warm embrace are part of the daily routine, promising to return the affection tenfold with his loyal and loving temperament.


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