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In the heart of our pack stands Sugarbear, a true gem among companions. Born as the largest in a litter of five pups, she immediately caught our hearts with her distinctive three-color coat, marking her as a charming Biewer Terrier. From her elegant appearance to her tender spirit, Sugarbear is a testament to the extraordinary qualities that make her stand out.


Her striking three-color coat is a visual symphony, a unique blend that sets her apart in both size and appearance. At a graceful 6lbs, Sugarbear embodies the essence of a Biewer Terrier—elegant, charming, and captivating.


Sugarbear's temperament is a delightful mix of gentleness, affection, and independence. She thrives on love and adoration, readily soaking up affection from her human companions. Yet, she also treasures her moments of quiet solitude and playtime with her furry friends, showcasing a well-balanced and adaptable nature.


This sweet and independent beauty is not just a pup; she's a cherished member of our canine family, adding warmth and character to our home. Sugarbear's presence is a reminder that beauty comes in many forms, and her heart of gold radiates in every interaction.


Celebrate the unique charm of Sugarbear, the Biewer Terrier with the three-color magic, and experience the joy of sharing your life with this gentle, independent, and utterly enchanting companion. 


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