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In the heart of our canine clan stands Teddy, a true embodiment of maternal love and grace. As the devoted sister to Sugarbear, Teddy has carved her own path of love and care, recently adding a new chapter with the arrival of her first litter of 5 precious puppies on October 18th, 2023.


Teddy, a delightful Biro Yorkshire Terrier, is not just a pup; she's the loving matriarch who has woven warmth and joy into the fabric of our canine family. Her nurturing spirit is on full display as she fulfills her role as an amazing mom to a litter of 5, comprising 3 girls and 2 boys. These little bundles of joy will be ready to embark on their journeys to forever homes starting December 20th, 2023.


This tender-hearted lady exhibits a calm and relaxed temperament that perfectly complements her role as a mother. Teddy's love and protection for her babies are unwavering, creating an environment of safety and comfort for her precious pups. Her playfulness and social nature extend beyond her immediate family, making her a beloved figure among other pups in our community.


Celebrate the magic of Teddy, the loving matriarch, and witness the beauty of a canine mother who not only nurtures but also instills a sense of playfulness and sociability in her offspring. As her puppies embark on new adventures, Teddy's legacy of love and care continues to flourish within our canine family.


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